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inženýring s.r.o.


Like it? Call us and come to see it on your own.

We are Probi engineering and we will build your dream

Call us on +420 776 731 375 and make an appointment. We invite you to Hranice na Morave where we can talk about your ideas. We can visit together our houses under construction, so you can see how we work.

Who we are

Probi engineering is purely Czech company. We draw on the experience we have, therefore we are able to help you from choosing the land, processing of the project to get building permission. You can expect also acceptance and post-warranty service. We won´t leave you after paying last invoice.

We are focusing on building luxury houses and villas. Those we know best. Your building will become our life. We assemble a team of people from architects, planners, project manager through to the construction manager. At the same time we will professionally manage the progress of the construction.

How we work

  1. Personal meeting
    Visit in our residency, coffee and maybe some evening´s grill time
  2. Project proposal
    We can supply you the best architects
  3. Selection of suppliers
    Doesn´t matter only the price, but also previous experience
  4. Realization
    Here you are just watching, but you can still join us actively and participate in the team

We have built over 100 buildings

We cooperate both with private investors as well as cities, municipalities, villages and hospitals.

We exist for over 25 years

During that time we have gained a lot of experience.

Everything takes time

We give you a deadline. But the main objective is that the quality of the result is the best.

You see our handwriting

What set us apart from the others is premium building houses, luxury villas or resident housing. Also used material such as soffit concrete, glass and other luxury material.

You will see us across the country

Contact us

Where you find us?

Havlíčkova 2131
753 01 Hranice


Phone (mo-fr 8.00 - 16.00)
+420 776 731 375